In the 1990s it was an unparalleled luxury to have a video monitor installed in your car. It was an opulence and extravagance that only the select few could enjoy. However, over time the technology has become streamlined, meaning that what was once only available for a few is now available for all! However, that does not change just how marvelous it is to watch your favorite movies and TV shows while on the road.

Aftermarket car VIDEO SYSTEM and Television installation

Audio Shack in El Cajon, CA (San Diego County) offers the best aftermarket car video screen installation in San Diego. We have a dedicated team of experts who have decades of experience handling only the premier brands in car DVD players, providing the perfect aftermarket installation. We have a variety of options to choose from, meaning you can install your car TV wherever you so choose!

Dashboard TV Screen

A dashboard TV is not really used for watching movies and TV, but is still a very helpful feature. It allows you to hook it up to a backup camera, allowing you to never leave your driveway or parallel park in fear again. You can also integrate Apple CarPlay or a Bluetooth hook up to allow your iPhone or Android to seamlessly connect to the screen. Also, if you are safely parked you can enjoy a DVD or TV show as well!

Headrest Car Video Monitor and Headrest TV Screen

One of the more popular ways to install a television in your car is on the back of a headrest. This allows the passengers in the back to enjoy a movie while you are driving up front. This can especially be helpful with families, keeping the kids entertained during a long road trip. You can even install a headrest monitor equipped with a headphone jack, so while the passengers in the back watch a movie you can listen to a podcast or blast your favorite music through your car stereo system.

Flip-down car DVD Player and Television Screen

A flip-down car video monitor is a great way to hide a TV screen until the time is right. Audio Shack will flawlessly install the screen into the ceiling of your car, and when you want to watch a DVD or movie you can just reach up and flip the monitor down.

Audio Shack car video player El Cajon.

watch movies, sports, dvds, & more with a custom car video monitor

There are a multitude of car video options available, and we are happy to help you pic out the perfect solution for you. Our experts will guide you through the decision whether you want to install video for front seat or back seat passengers or whether you want a DVD solution or a system that streams from your smart phone. Video systems compatible with: 

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Audio Shack is the car video player experts, with experience installing top of the line DVD players into every make and model of vehicle. We accept nothing less than the very best from our team, and if you are at all unsatisfied with any of our jobs we will work until it is perfect. If you are ready to make your car a rolling movie theatre, contact Audio Shack by giving us a call at (619) 749-5750.


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