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A remote car starter works just like it sounds: it allows you to turn on your car’s ignition remotely, meaning you can turn your car on from down the street, or even inside your home. An automatic car starter is still a new concept for a lot of people, so we’re here to talk about how they work, and discuss what may be the best remote car starter for you.

Why install a Car remote starter?

First of all, what are the benefits of installing an automatic car starter in San Diego? The most common examples of when to use a remote car starter often come from places with cold winters, where an automatic car starter lets people turn on their car — and its heaters — from the warmth of their homes. Not only does this allow an engine to warm up, but the car interior as well. No more sitting on a frozen car seat, waiting for windshield defrosters to kick in.

We don’t get that cold in San Diego, but we do get that hot! In the throes of August heat waves, getting in your car can be painfully hot, and leather seats can scorch! A remote car start may let you to get your car to a comfortable temperature before you even open the driver’s side door, and gives your engine’s cooling system a chance to kick in before you put the engine to work. And if we want to remotely turn on heaters and seat heaters for those milder “cold for California” days, we can do that too!

What are the Features of a Remote Car Starter

Here’s the problem people commonly run into when looking for the best remote car starter: not all automatic car starters offer the features that makes them worth installing! It sounds counterintuitive, but several remote car starter brands do nothing more than start the ignition. This may warm up the engine, but they won’t allow you to operate climate controls, nor even offer keyless entry.

It gets worse. Because some car computer systems turn off keyless entry once the ignition is on, these inferior remote car starters will let you start your car from a distance, but then force you to use a key to unlock the doors. From a technology standpoint, that’s one step forward, two steps back. At Audio Shack, we’re very selective which equipment we use, and only choose the best remote car starter models from brands we trust, including Viper, Avital, and Audiovox.

What is the transmitter range of a Remote Car Starter?

Viper remote car starter at Audio Shack in El Cajon, San Diego

Another concern when looking for the best remote car starter is to understand its transmitter range. That is, at what distance will the remote start your car? The number listed on the box may not consider whether your car sits in a garage or parking lot, or whether you’re starting it from inside a sealed house. Talk to us about an automatic car starter installation, and we’ll get to the bottom of where you most commonly park your car, how far it is from your home or office, and whether the remote control in question has enough power to start your car from that transmitter range.


What is the warranty on a remote car starter?

When you choose to install a remote car starter, choosing the installer becomes very important. You obviously want someone dependable, competent, and experienced, and an installer offering a great selection of only the best remote car starters. But you also want to pick an installer who understand how automatic car starter installation may impact your car’s existing warranties. A poor installer may inadvertently void your warranty. We will not.

reliable remote car starter installation in El Cajon, CA (San Diego County)

At Audio Shack, we can answer all of your questions about transmitter range, keyless entry, remote climate control, warranty, and other features found in the best remote car starter. We feature the industry’s most trustworthy and feature-rich brands, including Viper, Avital, and Audiovox. Call us today at (619) 749-5750


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