Car Accessory Installation San Diego, CA

At Audio Shack, we offer a whole range of services that will inspire your morning commute on the 805 or your weekend jaunts to Julian. The way we see it, if you put love into your car, your car will love you back. Plain and simple. Whether you come to us for better sound quality, or to give your car a sleeker, sexier look, we’re here to help you get more pleasure out of driving. 

Competitive prices in el cajon for car accessory installation

At Audio Shack in El Cajon, CA (San Diego County), we specialize in high quality and affordable installation of various products and accessories for your car. No matter what your needs or preference is, we can get the job done. We only use high quality brands and have installation experts with years of experience for any job. Here are just a few of the accessories we can install in your car or truck. 

Radio Antenna Installation

It is a bit old-school, but the radio still can make for excellent entertainment when you are out on the road. Whether you are bumping the latest and greatest pop hits, listening to the golden oldies, tuning in to a Padres game or listening to the news or talk radio, a radio gives you a bevy of options. Audio Shack can install a radio antenna into your vehicle, no matter the make or model, so you can enjoy the radio while driving around San Diego and El Cajon.

aux cable & Auxilliary Cord Car Installation

If you have an iPhone, Android, a different smartphone, iPod or other MP3 player and want an easy and affordable way to listen to all of your favorite music, podcasts and more, an aux cord is the way to go. An auxiliary cable os the easiest and most affordable way to connect various different devices to your car stereo system. Audio Shack has experts on hand who can quickly install an auxiliary cable into your car.

Wire harness kits for your car

A harness kit keeps all of your wires in order in to keep everything organized and in order. Our team at Audio Shack are ready to install a harness kit in your car in no time, giving you the organization and stability your car stereo system deserves. No more loose wires hanging all over the place with a wire harness kit, installed at Audio Shack.

dash kit Installation

Get a new and improved dashboard with a dash kit, installed by your good friends at Audio Shack. We carry a wide variety of different dash kits, allowing you to choose the dash kit that is in your price range and aesthetic style. Customize your dashboard today with a dash kit from Audio Shack. 


Make sure everything in your car is working smoothly with a connector. Connectors for a fuel pump or top-tier fuse connectors take your fuel delivery system to the next level. Audio Shack are the El Cajon connector experts, and we are ready to answer any and all questions you may have.

Backup cameras Car Collision Avoidance Installation

Keep your car and the people around you safe with backup camera installation from Audio Shack in El Cajon. A backup camera allows you to safely and securely pull out of your driveway without worrying that a child or dog is hiding in your blind spot. A backup camera also makes parallel parking a breeze, making sure no space is too small. Audio Shack can flawlessly install a backup camera into your car at an affordable price.

Bluetooth systems

Get a brand new bluetooth stereo system installed in your car at Audio Shack in El Cajon. Bluetooth stereo allows you to make phone calls, listen to music and more directly from your smartphone.

Custom speaker boxes

Get a custom speaker box built for your car stereo system at Audio Shack in San Diego. A speaker box houses speakers or a subwoofer, making sure they firmly stay in place for optimum sound quality. If you are interested in getting a new custom speaker box, contact Audio Shack for a quote.


Sirius XM Satellite Radio is the best way to listen to music, sports, talk radio, politics, news, comedy and more! Get commercial free entertainment installed right into your car today.


Audio Shack is ready to give your car the accessories it deserves! Our amazing team works overtime to make sure our customers get exactly what they want. We listen to the wants and needs of our customers and strive to deliver as best we can.

If you are interested in getting an accessory installed in your car, contact Audio Shack today. Give us a call at (619) 749-5750.


Car Accessory installation

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