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Is your car safe right now? You may think it is safely parked away from harm's reach, but all it takes is one ambitious thief to shatter your feelings of safety and security. The only thing that can really give you peace of mind is installing a security system into your car. Audio Shack in El Cajon, CA (San Diego County) offers custom installation of car alarms, car security systems and other car theft prevention methods. 

prevent Car theft with car alarm installation

Car alarm and security system installation.

Many vehicles are broken into each year in El Cajon, ensure this doesn't happen to your car by adding a car alarm system. This small investment will protect you and all of your valuable belongings. Car alarms have proven to be successful in deterring thieves from breaking into your car or truck. While the actual noise of the alarm itself may not cause bystanders to rush to your defense, the sound does scare off criminals. Most car theft is done because it seems like an easy score, and a simple obstacle like a loud noise is enough to make a thief rush to leave the scene.

security systems to keep your car safe in San Diego

A car alarm is not the only way to keep your car safe. Car theft prevention and security systems include a variety of other features that help keep you, your possessions and your car safe. This includes a remote start that allows you to start your car before you get to the car. This is a great way to cool down your car on a hot day by firing up the air conditioner from afar, but also has security benefits. A remote starter comes with a GPS tracker to allow you to track the location of your car from your smartphone. Some other great features include panic buttons or vehicle location, automatic timers, shock & proximity sensors along with apps for your smart phone.

Why Do I Need a car alarm system?

While we think it is best for everybody to have some kind of car theft prevention method installed in their car, some vehicles are more vulnerable than others. That is why we have compiled a list of reasons you should consider a car security system, car alarm or car theft prevention methods. 

Car theft prevention & alarms in El Cajon.
  • No regular access to private, enclosed parking

  • No ample street lighting where you park for work or home

  • No tinted windows allowing thieves to view all personal items

  • You tend to leave valuable electronics in your car

  • You have a detachable stereo face plate

  • You have an expensive vehicle

The Best Brands in Car Theft Prevention

Audio Shack only carries the very best brands for all products, including car security systems. When it comes to car theft prevention, we take quality very seriously because your car may be at risk! We do not stand for cheap and low quality car alarms. We only offer premium car security systems, all at an affordable price. Some of the brands of car alarms we carry include:

  • Viper

  • Avital

  • Autopage

  • Prestige

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Take the safety of you car seriously by installing a premium car theft prevention and security system today. Audio Shack in El Cajon offers the best installation of car alarms in all of San Diego! Contact Audio Shack today by giving us a call at (619) 749-5750 or filling out a form online.


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