Top 5 Reasons to Install a Car Video System

We might not have the flying cars promised by popular sci-fi of yesteryear, but today’s automobiles do have some features that would’ve astonished people back in the 1950s. To be fair, even car owners from 20 years ago would be impressed with modern entertainment capabilities like car video systems. If you think car video monitors are a luxury item you don’t need or only beneficial for people with kids, think again.

Here are 5 reasons you should seriously consider installing a car video system:

1. Road trips

If you have kids, this is a no-brainer. Why would you suffer a million refrains of “are we there yet?” when you could enjoy the sweet silence of your kids watching a movie with headphones on? But even if you’re not a parent, road boredom isn’t limited to kids. If you’re planning a road trip with friends or heading to a major event with family, car video systems can take the awkwardness out of all those long stretches between conversations, especially when driving through areas without phone service. If passengers can’t distract themselves with the latest social media updates, a hilarious comedy or chilling horror flick playing on a large flip-down monitor is the next best thing.

2. Waiting in the car

Whether your take-out order isn’t ready when promised, or you don’t feel up to accompanying your significant other into a particular store, or if you’d rather not spend the duration of your kid’s soccer practice sitting out in the hot sun, sometimes you might have to spend time waiting in your car. Instead of burning through your phone data while you wait, you can sit back and relax—in the front seat or the back, depending on where your monitors are located—to watch your favorite movie or even play a video game on a car video system.

3. Back-up camera capability

If you’re looking at in-dash car video monitors for your entertainment needs, you should consider pairing it with a back-up camera to add an element of safety to your investment. Blinds spots directly behind the bumper can make parallel parking and backing out of parking spaces difficult, but adding a back-up camera will reduce the chances of minor parking-related accidents. Back-up cameras are also crucial safety features for parents—too many tragedies involving kids running behind cars could have been avoided if those cars had back-up cameras.

4. Navigation

The cumbersome Thomas Bros. map book is thankfully a relic of the past, but trying to navigate from a small phone screen is difficult, distracting, and often dangerous. If you would prefer a larger view of your route that expands beyond your next voice-guided direction, the large screens of in-dash car video monitors will make navigation a breeze. Plus, most car video receivers come equipped with the ability to use your favorite map app, so there’s no need to get used to a new navigation system.

5. Larger display

When you install an in-dash car video monitor, it will take the place of your car audio receiver as well. And with a large screen acting as your receiver’s display, you’ll get bigger icons, split-screen capability, and the ability to see more information at a time than the typical 2 or 3 lines in standard car stereo displays. Seeing information easily at a glance will also enhance your overall safety—whether you’re checking a map or selecting a new playlist, you’ll only have to take your eyes off the road for a quick moment.

Need help deciding which car video equipment is right for you?

Deciding you want to invest in a car video system is only the first step to leveling up your mobile entertainment experience. Selecting the right equipment for your needs and budget is the next step, and the car audio and video experts at Audio Shack are happy to assist. We also offer professional installation, so stop by our location in El Cajon or give us a call today.