Apple CarPlay & Android Auto integration San Diego, CA

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Apple Carplay & Android Auto

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Apple CarPlay Integration

Owning an iPhone makes life so incredibly simple. Sitting in the palm of your hand is a super computer that has all of the answers to life's greatest questions, a library of endless entertainment, a communication device that can contact anyone on the planet, and a map that magically tells you where to drive. The only time owning an iPhone can get complicated is when you are driving, as too often it is a whole ordeal to connect your iPhone to your car speaker system. With the Apple CarPlay, life gets even simpler.

Apple CarPlay at Audio Shack San Diego.

What is apple carplay?

Apple CarPlay is a device that makes it easy to integrate your iPhone with your car stereo system. Some of the iPhone's most useful apps will show up on your car's dashboard, allowing you to tap on the icons just as you would on your phone. This makes it simple to safely and efficiently access your phone while driving.

What are the benefits of installing an apple carplay?

Installing an Apple CarPlay into your car or truck gives you numerous benefits while driving of the streets of San Diego. This miraculous piece of technology is the best way to access entertainment and information while driving. Here are a few of the benefits of installing an Apple CarPlay.

Stream Music from Spotify, Apple Music, TidaL & More On Your Car Stereo System

Nowadays, most people stream music. The days of having an extensive album selection is coming to an end, and Apple CarPlay provides an easy and seamless way to stream music over your car stereo system. Stream music from Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Soundcloud, YouTube, iHeart Radio, or any other service.

GPS Driving Directions with step-by-step voice instructions

Access the "Maps" app with ease to give you driving directions to wherever you need to drive! The dashboard will display your map, allowing you a safe way to get to where you need to go.

Legally Make Phone Calls While Driving in San Diego

It is illegal to talk on your phone while driving in California, making it a necessity to find a way to make phone calls handsfree while driving. The Apple CarPlay allows you to make phone calls through your car speakers, allowing you to pass the time while stuck on San Diego traffic by calling up a friend or family member.

Android Auto Integration

Google is pretty great. The tech giant seems to offer the very best in all fields of technology, with highlights including Google Drive, Google Photos, Maps, YouTube and more! Another great offering from Google is the Android phone. This smartphone is an incredible way to have all of the information, music and more at the tip of your fingertips. Integrate your Android phone while driving with the Android Auto, an easy and efficient way to easily use your smartphone while driving.

What is Android Auto & What Does Android Auto Do?

Android Auto is a car stereo interface that is mounted directly on your dashboard. This amazing technology allows for flawless integration between your Android phone and your car stereo system, but this connection is much more advanced than a standard Bluetooth connection. Along with being able to stream your music, the heads-up display also shows some of your favorite Android apps, such as Google Maps. Simply put, the Android Auto allows you to access your Android phone directly from your car dashboard with ease.

What are the benefits of Android auto installation?

Android Auto makes life easier. It allows you to easily navigate using Google maps to your destination, featuring the flawless step-by-step directions you have come to know and love from Google. It also allows you to listen to all of the music you download or stream from your phone on your car stereo system, including music from Spotify, Pandora, and iHeart Radio. Another perk of Android Auto is it allows for simple voice commands, allowing you to focus on the road. The Android Auto allows you to multitask safely while driving without having to look at the tiny screen on your Google Android phone.

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