Car Video Systems - Entertainment For All Passengers!

Look people, on a long road trip, you can only sing 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall or play the License Plate Game so many times. This summer, take your road trips into the 21st century by installing a car video system.  

Sure, a big part of road trips are the accidental fun and conversations that happen when you’re enclosed together in a small space for long periods of time. But…if you remember from your own childhood, those same conditions also lead to griping and annoyance and the occasional threat by the driver (Dad) to stop on the side of the highway and let everyone out. 

Don’t let that happen this year. Before you head out of town, come in to Audio Shack in El Cajon, and we’ll install entertainment for all your passengers.   

Not sure where to begin? Browse some of the options below. 

Headrest car video monitors 

Give each of your backseat passengers the option of choosing their own entertainment with a personal monitor mounted on the headrest of the seat in front of them. Many headrest video monitors have DVD players built in and feature a variety of inputs as well. Combine your headrest monitors with wireless headphones, and in-car video gaming systems to give everyone multiple entertainment options to choose from. Trust us: when your children don’t have to negotiate between mermaid movies and ultimate destruction video games, you get peace of mind in the front seat. 

Overhead car video monitors

On the other hand, if your passengers are willing to negotiate, an overhead video monitor offers another kind of flexibility.  In a larger vehicle, where the front seats are a bit further away from the back seats, the overhead video monitor can make it easier for passengers to see the screen and to play against each other in video games. An overhead video monitor also completely changes the game when it comes to car camping.  Anyone who isn’t keen on the creepy crawlies around the campfire can jump in the back seat, grab a blanket, and watch a flick. 

In-dash car video

Yes, it’s a given that the vehicle has to be parked and the emergency brake engaged in order to stream a video or play a DVD in the dash, but there are still a million and one reasons you’d want to do that.  The main reason? It takes the pain out of waiting. Waiting for your laundry to dry at the Laundromat? Catch an episode of Daredevil on Netflix. Waiting for your wife to get her hair done? Why not spend the time engaging enemy forces with Call of Duty. Plus, when you install an in-dash DVD receiver with dual- or multi-zone capability, you get audio/video outputs for separate monitors. So you can send, say, the Alvin and Chipmunks DVD signal to the rear-seat monitors and their headphone transmitters, and still have the pleasure of listening to death metal while you drive to see Grandma in Santa Fe. 

Audio Shack in El Cajon will hook you up with a killer video system

Want options compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto? No problem. At Audio Shack in El Cajon, we can help set you up with a car video system that does it all. Whether you’re looking for overhead monitors, headrest monitors, complete gaming systems, in-dash video or any other audio/video system components for your car, we’ve got you covered. We’ll provide you and your passengers with numerous in-car entertainment options, and we’ll also install your system with a high level of skill and professionalism you won’t find elsewhere. 

So before you subject yourself to 12 more hours of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, come see us in El Cajon today