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window tinting packages starting at $59 in el cajon!

There are dozens of reasons to get your windows tinted. We'll let you in on a few. Audio Shack has the best tints and experts that will do a perfect job of applying them to your windows. Contact us today for a quote!


Tinting your windows is a quick way to turn your vehicle from frumpy to fancy. There's something indescribably cool about a slick ride with dark windows, and for how little they cost, they're really one of the easiest methods to class up your car.

reduce interior heat by up to 60%

In San Diego, it gets hot. When it gets hot you have to blast the air conditioning, and when you do that, you're wasting precious gas. Window tinting keeps the inside of your car much cooler which makes a huge difference in keeping the temperature down. Save gas and don't burn your behind on the leather seats when you first hop in your car when you get set up with tinted windows.

blocks 99% of harmful UVA rays

You don't often think to put on sun lotion when you go for a drive, but we also don't consider the amount of sun one gets on a casual drive. Over 10,000 people in the United States die every year from skin cancer, and window tinting will help protect your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays.


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