Bluetooth car stereo system installation In El Cajon and San Diego

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Nowadays, most people have a smartphone. In fact, a study found that in 2016 77% of Americans owned a smartphone. For comparison that number was as low as 35% as recently as 2011! The massive influx of smartphone usage has lead to a drastic change in the way we go about our day. We do everything on our smartphone, including taking phone calls, listening to music, texting, taking pictures, watch TV and movies and much more!

This dependence on our smartphones means it is also necessary to have everyday appliances and objects that seamlessly integrate with iPhone's and Androids. That is why Audio Shack offers Bluetooth Car Stereo Systems.

What is a bluetooth car stereo system?

A bluetooth car stereo system allows you to easily connect your iPhone or Android directly to your car stereo system, including your speakers, subwoofer and amplifier. This allows you to just walk into your car and immediately perform many of the functions of your smartphone directly on your car stereo system.

Install a bluetooth car stereo system in El Cajon.

Make Phone calls safely and legally in your car

A bluetooth stereo system allows you to make phone calls directly from your smartphone through a bluetooth connection. This means that you can take a phone call while stuck in traffic without worrying about endangering yourself or the people around you. The connection also allows you to legally take phone calls in California, since it is illegal to take a phone call while driving in California.

Listen to music from Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, You Tube, and More

Your smartphone gives you access to a ludicrous amount of music. At the tip of your fingertips lies the key to listening to almost literally any song your heart desires. Now this power is brought into the car with you when you get a bluetooth car stereo system. A bluetooth stereo system allows you to play music from Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, YouTube and more over your car stereo system! Don't leave your music collection behind with bluetooth.


Audio Shack is proud to offer the best bluetooth car stereo installation in El Cajon! If you are ready to legally talk on the phone while driving and stream your music collection over your car stereo system, give us a call at (619) 749-5750. In the meantime, check out our car specials to see if you can save some money!