List of Viper Remote Start Systems with Security Systems

Viper remote starter for car security system.

When people come to Audio Shack for car alarm and security system installations, we often recommend a Viper Security System. It’s partly because Viper is one of the best reviewed brands, and we believe Viper Car Alarms are some of the best on the market. But also, they happen work perfectly with the whole line of products available for a Viper remote start installation.

Remote start is a great feature to add during a car security system installation, allowing you to securely start your car’s ignition from up to a mile away or more, so you may warm up the engine, cool down the interior, even monitor your car’s security remotely. There are several combinations of features to consider, so here’s a review of Viper remote start options, along with products we carry.

1-way vs. 2-way

A 1-way remote start system allows you to send remote start signals to your car; a 2-way remote start system sends signals back to you. While you may start an engine and turn on climate control with a 1-way remote, you may not be sure the car has received your command. A 2-way remote gives you the current status of the car systems: for example, whether doors are locked, or engine is on.

The cheapest Viper remote starter installation will be its Entry Level 1-Way, which looks like a keyless entry fob with a few extra buttons. The Value 1-Way offers something similar but doubles the operating range from a quarter mile to a half mile. Entry Level LCD 2-Way provides a value option in Viper’s 2-way line, with a quarter mile range.


The value models work well, but where 2-way Viper remote start reviews really start to get good are with its LCD and OLED products. While the LED 2-Way remote offers a full mile range, its LED lights offer only binary information about your car. Is the heat on? Are the doors locked?

Viper’s LCD 2-Way models use a screen with simple LCD graphics to offer more detailed feedback — your car’s current internal temperature for example — and allows you to control up to 24 of your car’s different functions. It will even alert you when your Viper car alarm is activated and notify first responders. Taking it a step further is Viper’s Color OLED 2-Way, which offers more sophisticated controls with a higher resolution screen, making it simple to operate your car from up to a mile away.

Unlimited range

Each of the above Viper remote start installations is distinguished by a quarter mile, a half mile, or a one-mile range. With a 1-way remote start system, range over a quarter mile may be useful if you’re starting remotely from a distance: say, from office to parking garage. With a 2-way remote, operating up to a mile allows you to keep better tabs on your car anywhere within a fifteen-minute walk.

For the ultimate option, we recommend getting unlimited range offered by a Viper SmartStart System. This product works with your smartphone to offer the most sophisticated remote operation and monitoring of your vehicle, using a piece of equipment you already own and know how to use. Depending on your car model, you may even turn on the seat heaters in advance.

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