We Carry the Best Car Audio Brands in San Diego

However you decide to style your ride, a new car audio installation starts with a simple question: which car audio brands should I be looking at? 

Audio Shack can help you find the answer. We carry the best lineup of car audio brands in San Diego. Whether you're looking to capture the purest tones, shake the block with bass, or both — we're prepared to steer you to the finest products available in any price range, made by these top car audio brands.


This American company started out 45 years ago with a novel idea — engineer full frequency speakers designed to play well within the unique confines of a car or truck. It's little wonder the pioneering company is one of the best at what it does, which is deliver exquisite car audio through potent amplifiers, finely tuned speakers, and robust subwoofers. It almost doesn't matter whether your receiver has dials, buttons, or a touchscreen interface when Kicker is powering your car audio system.


If there's anything in electronics Sony doesn't do well, it's not in the field of car audio. The 80 year old company has long thrived in the world of audio, video, computers, and personal electronics — all of which are a huge part of modern car audio systems. Thanks to this multidisciplinary expertise, Sony car audio stands out among the best car audio brands year after year. 


If every component of your car audio installation involves Alpine car audio, you are going to drive home happy. For more than half a century, Alpine has been a leader in car audio technology, and its in-dash interfaces offer some of the top user experiences around, delivering streaming audio, wireless compatibility, and touchscreen technology. Its speakers and amps also live up to its stellar reputation.


When car experts review the 10 best A/V receivers for a car audio installation, you can always expect two or three of them to bear the Pioneer name. The legendary company started with a humble radio repairman who figured out a way to make a better speaker than what he had at his shop, and basically launched the electronics industry Japan is now known for. From touchscreen to car speakers, and everything in between, you can trust Pioneer car audio.


Today's car audio systems have moved way beyond CD players, or even audio. Modern multimedia interfaces for your car combine video, computing, navigation, and myriad digital audio technologies. Kenwood has long recognized the trend and responded with a well-rounded roster of car entertainment. The brand approaches its every component with innovation in mind, and you'll see, hear, and, in the case of its subwoofers, feel the results.


JVC started out as home audio and video electronics company, and as car audio systems have morphed into car entertainment systems, its proven a natural fit for car audio installations. JVC Car Audio selection of car audio systems begins with feature-rich multimedia receivers and extends to speakers and subwoofers that, like many of its products offer exceptional bang for your buck.

The Best Car Audio Brands, Installed in San Diego

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