6 Reasons Why You Need a Car Alarm System

If you’ve never had your car stolen or broken into, the idea of car theft may seem like a distant inconvenience that happens only to other people. You might even think, “That’s not something I have to worry about. I park my car in my garage at night.” If so, you may be surprised to learn that, according to the FBI, car theft is most prevalent wherever large groups of cars are parked for extended periods of time: shopping centers, airports, stadiums, fairgrounds, colleges, office parks, or large apartment complexes.

Unless you live in a rural area, never leave the house, and keep your car parked in your garage all day, you could probably benefit from a car alarm system. Here are 6 reasons why:

1. Theft prevention

When a car alarm goes off in a parking lot, most people look for the source to confirm it’s not their car, to see who the offending car belongs to, or to check out the scene in case an actual theft is happening. Car thieves know all eyes will be on them if an alarm goes off, so they tend to avoid cars with obvious signs of an alarm system.  In other words, installing a car alarm system actually deters theft even before the alarm sounds. 

2. Protect your belongings

Even if the kind of car you drive never shows up on the list of most stolen cars, it could still be the target of theft. Personal belongings, car stereos, GPS units, and other valuable items can be appealing to thieves even if your car isn’t. And as mentioned above, thieves know alarms attract attention—so whatever valuables you have in your car are usually not worth the cost of getting caught.

3. Immobilization features

Of course, there are some thieves who aren’t deterred by anything, including a blaring car alarm. This is why many alarms come with immobilizing features that prevent the car from starting once the alarm is activated. The old car thief standard of hot-wiring is rendered useless with immobilization features, which is why these features are essential for not only valuable cars, but also for the more common makes and models that always turn up on annual “most stolen” lists.

4. Tracking abilities

In the event a thief ignores an alarm that doesn’t feature an immobilization device and takes your car anyway, he won’t get far. Most modern car alarm systems have tracking devices so police can easily trace the location of your car. Some tracking programs even connect with your mobile phone and come with a “kill command” that can freeze your car when it comes to a stop. The thief might take the hint and escape, but your car will live to drive another day.

5. Remote start options

While remote engine starters have little to do with theft prevention, they are incredibly convenient. Chilly morning? With a remote starter, you can warm up your car without leaving your house. Walking to a far-away parking spot late at night? Starting your car as you approach will allow you to get going as fast and as safely as possible. 

6. Lower insurance costs

Replacing a stolen car isn’t cheap, which is why many car insurance policies offer incentives for theft prevention. Whether you buy a car with a factory-installed alarm—which are becoming less common as aftermarket systems rise in popularity—or have one installed on a used car, there’s a good chance you might receive a decent discount on your insurance policy rate.

Professional installation matters

Car alarm systems have to be installed correctly to do their job.  And because installation requires alterations to your car’s wiring and electrical system, it’s crucial to leave it to the professionals. At Audio Shack, our car alarm experts can help you select the perfect car alarm system for your car, your needs, and your budget. We will also professionally install it the same day. 

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