10 Signs You Should Invest in Car Window Tinting  

You’ve undoubtedly seen plenty of cars on the road with slick-looking window tint, and you may have even experienced a tinge of envy. But if you think tinted windows are only for cars that are newer or cooler than your own, think again. Window film has several advantages aside from appearance, so if you’re on the fence about car window tinting, here are 10 signs you could benefit from the investment:

1. You’re dreading another “oven car” summer

Nearly every San Diego resident has suffered sweltering car temperatures common during our extended summer season. But with the right window tint blocking thermal rays from the sun, you can reduce the heat inside your car by up to 60%. So, yeah, tinted windows will make your car cooler in more ways than one.

2. Your gas mileage is terrible in warm weather

Blocking thermal rays and keeping your car interior cooler is only part of the magic of window film. Less heat means less work for your car’s air conditioning system. On the flip side, the harder your A/C has to work to cool down your car, the worse gas mileage you get. So if you notice that you need to fill up your tank more often in the summer, window tint can help.

3. You can’t stand light in your eyes

Window film not only reflects heat, it reflects light as well—both sunlight during the day and other cars’ headlights at night. The average pair of sunglasses typically can’t cut it when it comes to sunlight in your face, and there’s no relief from someone driving with their brights on. Tinted car windows protect your eyes from multiple sources of light and glare, which in turn makes you a much safer driver. 

4. You want to protect your skin

No matter how vigilant you are about sunscreen during a day at the beach, you probably don’t slather up before driving in your car. But without tinted windows, you should, especially considering that naked glass won’t stop ultraviolet (UV) rays from burning your skin or putting you at risk for skin cancer. Fortunately for your health, window tint reduces up to 99% of UV rays.

5. Your interior is cracking

UV rays are harmful to your car’s interior as well. If the dashboard, side panels, or other hard surfaces of your car interior are starting to crack, it is most likely the result of sun exposure. Window tint will block UV rays before they cause even more damage. 

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6. Your upholstery is fading

Just like your dashboard, your upholstery is no match for the power of the sun. Sun exposure causes fabrics to fade to unsightly dull colors and their fibers to weaken, making them much more susceptible to tearing. Think your upholstery is fine? Recline your seat all the way back and check where the seat bottom meets the back—that fresh, bright color hidden in the crease is what your upholstery is supposed to look like. Tinted car windows will help slow the fading process. 

7. You’re afraid of theft

If you live or work in a less-than-safe area of town and you’re tired of stashing all your personal items every time you leave your car, window film can help. Not only do darker tint shades prevent anyone from seeing what’s inside your car, but the adhesive on window film also holds shattered glass in place. That means potential thieves, who value quick-grabs as much as your actual valuables, will be more likely to look for an easier target that won’t require so much effort to break into.

8. You’re concerned about safety

The window adhesive that flusters would-be car thieves can also prevent injury in the event of a minor car accident. Instead of glass particles shattering all over you and your passengers, they’ll stay stuck to the window film. In fact, some shatter resistant window film is so strong it’s nearly impossible to break the glass at all.

9. You value privacy

Everyone likes privacy, and if you’re not a fan of people staring into your car during rush hour traffic, you’ll be happy to know that window tint significantly reduces exterior visibility. Some films, known as “high performance-metalized films,” increase the privacy even further. Mirror tinting, which uses a thin metal layer to completely reflect exterior light, is also an option.

10. Your existing tint is purple and bubbled

Whether you tinted your own windows or bought your car with existing tint, if it wasn’t done by a professional, chances are it’s purple and bubbled by now. Thankfully, metalized films with lifetime warranties mean you’ll never be embarrassed by unsightly window tint ever again—as long as you leave the work to the experts, of course.

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