Car Alarm Systems - Viper, Avital, Autopage, & More

Let’s be honest. Cars get stolen in San Diego County all the time.  Whether you keep your car parked on the street overnight or don’t have tinted windows to prevent thieves from seeing in, you’re at risk of becoming one of the many drivers who have their vehicles broken into or taken. In other words, a car owner’s nightmare. Luckily, there’s a pretty sweet solution that will protect you and all of your valuable belongings – a high-tech, impenetrable car alarm system.

When Your Factory Car Alarm Just Isn’t Cutting It

We hate to break it to you, but the car alarm your vehicle came with won’t prevent a thief from trying to swipe your belongings. Nearly all cars these days come equipped with factory alarms, yet thousands of cars are still broken into each year in San Diego. What gives? Seasoned car thieves know how to disable one of these run-of-the-mill systems in seconds. If you really want to keep your car safe, and we know you do, you’re going to need a major upgrade.

Expert Car Alarm Installation In El Cajon

At Audio Shack, we often have drivers come to us looking for a new car alarm system that goes above and beyond what their factory alarm can do. We’re talking about systems with LCD remotes, keyless entry, trunk release, remote starters, shock sensors and more. If you’re overwhelmed by options, don’t panic. We’ve compiled a list of some of the many brands we carry so you can compare your options. 

Viper Car Alarms

Viper car alarms give you an entirely new level of vehicle security and control from the palm of your hand. Drivers can choose from the Viper SmartStart Remote Start + Security System, or simply go with the Viper SmartStart Remote Start System. Given the rate of car break-ins in San Diego, El Cajon, and the surrounding areas, we strongly suggest the former in order to fully protect your vehicle.

When you install a Viper car alarm, you’ll get a remote with an LCD screen that alerts you to anything that happens to your car. A broken window, an open door, you get the idea. Of course, Viper car alarms also have keyless entry and all the basic door and starter alarm functions you expect. But there’s way more. 

Some car thieves will jack up your car to steal the tires or hook it up to a tow truck to take it away. That doesn’t fly with cars enabled with Viper alarms. Their systems have shock sensors that go off whenever your car is moved in any way. Peace of mind that your car is safe even in the most dangerous areas? Check. 

Another one of our favorite features of Viper alarms is the remote starter. You can start your car and bring the air conditioner to a preset level before you even get inside. Last but not least is Viper’s SmartStart feature. For an additional charge, you can have your smartphone turned into the remote for your car and receive text message alerts if someone’s trying to break in. Worth it? We think so. 

Avital Car Alarms

Unlike Viper, Avital doesn’t currently allow you to integrate your car alarm with your smart phone. Don’t let that deter you from checking it out, though. Avital has its own set of features and options that make it a fantastic choice in its own right. For starters, you’ve got your easy-to-read LCD screen, keyless entry and shock sensors so you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your car at all times. 

If your car alarm sounds, you can either re-enable it or use the starter-kill function to prevent the engine from running. This option will prevent a thief from following through with stealing your car, and your vehicle will remain safe until you can call the cops.

Like Viper, an Avital alarm can also function as a remote starter. Just imagine – when your car is parked at the beach on a blazing hot day, you can crank the AC without having to leave the sand. Your car will be nice and cool by the time you’re ready to go.  

AutoPage Car Alarms 

Drivers have a handful of options when it comes to choosing an AutoPage car alarm system, ranging from your basic 1-way remote start with security to a 2-way LCD remote start with a six channel alarm. Similar to Viper and Avital, AutoPage comes complete with shock sensors that alert you if someone tries to forcibly enter your car or if your vehicle is hit by another car. We like that it isn’t sensitive enough to be set off by lighter impact, though. Nobody wants to hear a car alarm going off all night because of a strong breeze.

AutoPage car alarms also pack many other convenient features like remote start, panic mode and valet mode, which eliminates the need for you to hand over your car keys to valets and mechanics. Meanwhile, the speed sensor tests the revs per minute, causing the engine to cut out if they exceed a safe level.

Protect Your Vehicle With A Full Security Alarm System

Do you know where your car is? Thousands of vehicles are stolen every year in San Diego. Don’t let this happen to you! Come by and see us at Audio Shack today. We offer same day installation on all of our alarm systems, so you can rest assured knowing your car is safe on the street tonight.