Tons Of Car Accessories With Same Day Installation

We all procrastinate one way or the other, and for some psychological reason, the most important projects or deadlines are the most likely to be left to the last minute. So if you’re a master procrastinator and have a big holiday road trip coming up, or if you’re planning to surprise a loved one with new car accessories for their upcoming birthday, you’ll be happy to know Audio Shack offers same day installation for a variety of products listed below. We even provide installation on products not sold in our store, which means you’re out of excuses!

Radio antennas

While most newer cars have built-in antennas, older cars still sport that sometimes-retractable antenna that reaches for the sky—and whaps against tree branches and car wash machinery and all sorts of other culprits of antenna damage. But replacing the antenna is not as easy as it looks. You can’t just stick a new one into the existing hole. But no worries.  We can get your radio rocking again with professional installation of a new antenna.

Harness kits and aux cables

Whether you buy an aftermarket car audio system at Audio Shack or elsewhere, we can connect it to your car (no matter the make, model, or year) with a specialized harness kit. And if you simply want to plug your smartphone, or other auxiliary devices into your receiver, we can set you up with the right aux cables for your needs.

Dash kits

To upgrade the look of your dash with instant class, check out our line of dash kits in a variety of styles like carbon fiber, wood grain, metallic, and more. While there are plenty of DIY dash kits available out there, improper installation will cancel out all the cool points your car will gain with the upgrade.  Get it right the first time with a professional installation job.

Backup cameras

The future of parallel parking is here! With backup cameras, there’s no more guesswork (or accidental bumper damage) when fitting your car into a tight spot. The benefits don’t stop there—backing out of vertical parking spots or down driveways, or backing a truck up to a trailer is a cinch with the help of an in-dash video screen. In fact, after having your backup camera installed, your only regret will be not getting one sooner.

Bluetooth systems

Speaking of the future, it doesn’t get much better than linking your smartphone to your stereo system wirelessly to play music, take calls, and even dictate text messages! Our range of Bluetooth systems and professional installation services will have you feeling like one of the Jetsons in no time.

Custom speaker boxes

Who doesn’t love big booming bass? If you don’t, it might be because subwoofers that aren’t enclosed in a speaker box can sound unbalanced and unappealing. That’s why we offer plenty of speaker boxes customized to your vehicle, so you can jam to the clean, clear beats of your favorite bass-heavy music.

SIRIUSXM satellite radio

Considering that the “classic rock” stations in San Diego are now playing Nirvana, you might feel like local radio isn’t for you. Satellite radio, on the other hand, offers dozens of specialized music stations (keeping Nirvana in the alternative category, where it belongs), plus a variety of talk shows and other informative programming. There’s even a channel that plays “golden age” radio dramas for a peek at what life was like before TV. We know it sounds tempting, so let us install a SIRIUS XM system so you can explore the world of satellite radio.

Stop procrastinating and get that upgrade!

At Audio Shack in El Cajon, we can help you choose the best accessories for your car and install them the same day! And if you bought an accessory online or elsewhere and you know it’s better to leave installation to the pros, contact us for a competitive installation quote.